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    Bennington Monument

    On August 16 in the year 1777 General John Stark and his troops successfully defeated parts of the invading British army.

    by Elicia Mailhiot

    11 Miles of Trouble

    You might not see smiles on every runner’s face during the West River Run… not until after the race anyway.

    by Meryl Robinson

    The Big 4th

    It takes 364 days to put together, it is about 1,500 feet long, and this summer, it is 66 years old. What is it? It’s the Fourth of July Parade down Main Street in Wardsboro, Vermont.

    by Anita Rafael

    The Phantom of Vermont

    The cat that did not die … maybe

    by Geoffrey Norman

    Summer Days

    Even the longest days are not long enough!

    by Hubert Schriebl

    Wild Horses

    Bennington artist Rita Dee uses driftwood to create powerful, larger-than-life sculptures of horses.

    by Kathleen James

    Some Berry Good Advice

    What could be finer than a pail of fresh-picked blueberries? John Ringwood shows off his pickings.

    by Anita Rafael


    From the Editor

    Summer in the Slow Lane

    I remember leaving the house during the summer and going out in to what we called “the woods,” and just wandering or playing some sort of made up game with my friends and, then, sitting under a tree with a book and reading.

    The Buzz

    Southern Vermont Events Calendar

    Comprehensive calendar for the season and who, what, when and where


    The Winter People and This Is the Water

    For the hot, humid summer, the best kind of tale is one that cools you off by sending shivers up your spine.

    The Last Word

    A Meadow Ripe With Sunflowers

    You cannot have enough sunflowers. I believe I find them almost as seductive as Vincent van Gogh did.

    5 for 50

    This is Stratton Magazine’s 50th year of publication. To celebrate, we are giving you, the reader, a sampling of our best and most characteristic material from our first half century.


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