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    A Dorset Daughter Returns To Her Roots

    2014-Spring-Slider-wedding2In olden times once they became adults, children typically stayed close to home, to work for the family farm or business. They married early and started families, which they raised in a large circle of relatives. Today children often graduate from high school, leave for college, find mates and jobs that take them far from home. Being in the arms of extended family happens only a few times a year at best. Sometimes, however, the stars align to bring them back home to begin the circle again. Such was the case with Dorset native Meredith Ams. She went off to college, met another native Vermonter and by the good fortune of a family job opportunity, was able to bring both her wedding and the start of her new life back to her beloved childhood home. Meredith met Kevin Fleurie of St. Johnsbury through a mutual friend. She was in Burlington after graduating [...] - read more -

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    A Dorset Daughter Returns To Her Roots

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    The Shires and Beyond

    Museum ABCs

    Apr 24th
    1:30 pm. Designed for children ages 3–5, this pre-school story [...]

    Southern Vermont Restaurant Week

    Apr 25th
    Visit participating restaurants to enjoy their special menus. April 25-May [...]

    Vermont Reading Partners Spring Craft Fair

    May 3rd
    10 am–4 pm.Numerous artisans, crafters, specialty foods, raffles, and concessions. [...]

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    On A May Day

    Hubert Schriebl

    On a May day two years ago I traveled back to the small town in Austria where I was born. One of my brothers had passed away and my family gathered together to give him a last farewell. When I arrived at the small inn in the middle of town it was already dark. The […]