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    Gathering Glassmakers

    2014-Summer-glassIf this was, say, old world France and not New England, and if the date on the calendar were back in time in the Middle Ages and not the 21st century, glassblower Andrew Weill would likely be stabbed by an angry posse of his peers for what he does. He is a full, dues-paying member of the Vermont Glass Guild, and yet, he gives away all the secrets of his extraordinary trade, just for the asking. In history, any unsanctioned sharing of the methods and technologies of highly skilled artisans would have been a serious breach of the code of conduct of every traditional guild, and someone like Andrew, who will merrily teach any kindergarten kid and sundry weekend tourists how to make gorgeous glass paperweights or delicate drinking glasses in just a couple of hours, would have been violating one of the most strictly enforced rules. Fine craft and manufacturing [...] - read more -

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    Andrew McKeever

    Gathering Glassmakers

    Anita Rafael

    Landscapes for Land’s Sake

    Nancy Boardman


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    The Shires and Beyond

    Vermont Summer Festival Horse Shows

    Jul 12th
    Jul 1 – Aug 10, 2014 Where: Harold Beebe farm, East [...]

    22nd Annual Rock River Artists Open Studio Tour

    Jul 19th
    10 am–6 pm. Preview artists’ work, pick up map, travel [...]

    Regional Artists Exhibits

    Aug 2nd
    When: Aug 2 – Oct 19, 2014 Where: Bennington Museum, Main Street, [...]

    My Fair Lady

    Aug 15th
    When: Aug 15 – 31, 2014 Where: Oldcastle Theatre, Main Street, Bennington, [...]

    Photo Essay

    Summer Light

    Hubert Schriebl

    Summer gives us much more light and longer days, so if you are passionate about nature photography you better be an early riser! Catch the sunbeams when they burst through the trees, catch the mist when it rises from the streams, the sun low on the horizon and the ground still cool from the night, and the vegetation covered with dew.