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    We’re All In This Together…Aren’t We?

    I suspect that this attitude has a lot more to do with Vermont than it does me. It is that old New England spirit of frugality—not charity—at work.

    by Geoffrey Norman

    Balancing Act

    Today’s skis and snowboards are better, faster and more fun than ever. But can we still be safe on the slopes?

    by Lisa Densmore Ballard

    From Stretch Pants to Neon and Back Again

    High-tech outerwear has totally changed our attitudes about what we should wear outside these days. All-weather gear is now softer, warmer and, well … amazing.

    by Meryl Robinson


    One of Hubert Schriebl’s first photo essays, Winter 1993-94

    by Hubert Schriebl

    Slopeside Elementary

    The mission of JISP has not changed since its origins in 1951— to instill a love of winter sports in kids from Southern Vermont.

    by Luke Stafford

    Hidden Histories

    Vermont’s graveyards have their share of famous residents…but theirs are not the only interesting stories to be found among the ancient tombstones.

    by Meryl Robinson


    A Few Kind Words for the Dandelion

    Where you are happy to spend vast amounts of money and time cultivating daffodils for their yellow flowers, you will likewise exert yourself and open your checkbook to be rid of dandelions.

    The Dogpatch Ham

    Does anyone remember the old comic strip called Li’l Abner? I am asking because, if you do remember, in the strip the Yokums always brought out what they called the Dogpatch Ham for every special occasion.

    The Vermont Gardener’s Companion

    We gardeners love to read gardening books, because no matter how experienced we are, we can always learn something new. Every season a spate of colorful books comes forth, and the trend seems to be toward beautiful illustrations even while narrowing in on specific subjects. Which leads me to do a 180-degree turn and extol a […]

    Monarchs in Decline

    Milkweed must be available from Texas and other points south, through the mid-western farm states and up into New England and my little meadow. Without milkweed, no monarchs.

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