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    The Carnivore’s Solution

    Artisan to old-fashioned, the tradition of the neighborhood meat market endures.

    by Anita Rafael

    The Ramblin’ Music Man

    From his Winhall farmhouse, Travis Dobson travels New England to make a living as a classical trombonist.

    by Kathleen James

    Londonderry Town Meeting

    by Hubert Schriebl


    A life full of crisp, perfectly exposed, frozen moments in time captured on film.

    by Andrew McKeever

    The Little College on the Hill

    While there may have once been a town vs. gown separation between Bennington College and its neighbors—Bennington and North Bennington— that is fast closing.

    by Andrew McKeever

    Confessions of a Spring-aholic

    Spring is the time when nobody can get enough.

    by Meryl Robinson


    From the Editor

    The Silver King

    He is the furthest thing from a farmer. But he picked up a bad case of the tractor virus and there is this large meadow on his property that needs mowing once a year … and, well, you know.

    The Buzz

    Southern Vermont Events Calendar

    Comprehensive calendar for the season and who, what, when and where


    The Vermont Country Store Cookbook

    It is a splendid combination of the history of a successful small-town Vermont business and of the foods that most Vermonters treasure.

    The Last Word

    Thoughts of Spring

    The cushions that went on the lawn furniture have obviously served as maternity wards for various families of squirrels and they must go.

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