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    More striking even than their appearance is the song they sing. Male Bobolinks warble a long, bubbly song. A song so inspiring it caught the ear of Emily Dickinson, who called the bobolink “the rowdy of the meadow.”

    by Elicia Mailhiot

    Early Risers

    The petals of this little flower are a kind of deep red, almost oxblood in color and they can’t be confused with anything else you see on the ground.

    by Geoffrey Norman

    Wild Ice

    Nordic skaters wear regular cross-country ski boots with special bindings and blades designed for speed, gliding distance and stability on ungroomed natural or “wild” ice.

    by Kathleen James

    History on the Hearth

    Antique bricks represent a small part of human civilization. And Patrick Branley searches demolition sites throughout Vermont and most of New England to find them.

    by Anita Rafael

    The Horse Knows the Way

    For a child who may have trouble walking, or cannot stay focused, or has difficulty communicating with people, the mere fact of being safely perched high on the back of a horse can be transformative.

    by Nancy Boardman

    That Sweet Time of Year

    Every year, Londonderry loggers Jock Harvey and Philip Miller gather sap and make maple syrup together. Philip brings his family along for quality control; son Daigh has become an accomplished syrup tester.

    by Hubert Schriebl


    From the Editor

    A Few Kind Words for the Dandelion

    Where you are happy to spend vast amounts of money and time cultivating daffodils for their yellow flowers, you will likewise exert yourself and open your checkbook to be rid of dandelions.

    The Buzz

    Southern Vermont Events Calendar

    Comprehensive calendar for the season and who, what, when and where

    Country Cooking

    The Dogpatch Ham

    Does anyone remember the old comic strip called Li’l Abner?


    The Vermont Gardener’s Companion

    We gardeners love to read gardening books, because no matter how experienced we are, we can always learn something new.

    The Last Word

    Monarchs in Decline

    And, then, there were the butterflies. Monarchs, precisely.

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