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    She Also Served

    Served-14-sliderThe annual Memorial Day service at the Dorset church is a solemn event with readings of the names of those who have gone off to war and not returned, the Gettysburg Address, and the poem, In Flanders Fields. It is, after all, a day that is given to remembering the dead. However, there is a moment for the living. It comes when anyone who has served is asked to stand and tell the audience in what branch and when. People stand and say things like, “Marine Corps, 1965 to 1968,” or “Army, 51 to 53,” or “Navy 1943 to 1945.” Most of the people who stand and speak their cryptic lines are men. Unsurprisingly. But every year, there are a few women and one of them stands and speaks her name, her unit, and the dates of her service. “Pat Nuckols. WASP. 1942 to 1944.” The first year after I’d heard her [...] - read more -

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    A Running Revival

    Kathleen James


    Andrew McKeever

    Shires and Byways

    Louise Jones

    She Also Served

    Geoffrey Norman

    The Rattlers of Vermont

    Geoffrey Norman


    A New (Old) Cookie

    From the Editor - Marsha Norman

    The Monarch & the Milkweed

    Northshire Nature - Northshire Nature

    Ask a Wooly Bear

    Northshire Nature - Northshire Nature

    Dinner in a Pan With a Salad

    Country Cooking - Barbara Little

    Lake Champlain

    Bookends - Louise Jones

    To the Core Waste not? Why not?

    The Last Word - Geoffrey Norman

    The Shires and Beyond

    Brattleboro Area Farmers’ Market

    Sep 17th
    The Brattleboro Area Farmers’ Market is Southern Vermont’s premier farmers’ [...]

    Annual Walk For Animals

    Sep 27th
    Registration 9 am, walk 10 am, and prizes for most [...]

    Weston Antiques Show

    Oct 3rd
    Weston Playhouse, Main St, Weston (map) Time – 10 am–5 pm. [...]

    Pumpkin Carving Festival

    Oct 18th
    The 8th Annual Harvest Festival with family activities — cider [...]

    Photo Essay


    Hubert Schriebl

    In Fall, there is always the question: when is the color at its peak? The answer is: today! Only when the leaves are falling down on us in a warm fall breeze, after a rain the night before, is the answer yesterday