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    Fall Foliage at its Peak

    The Green Mountain State is home to more than 700 miles of hiking trails, all of them swathed, this time of year, in the glorious colors of fall.

    by Elicia Mailhiot

    In the Sky

    The five-mile Skyline Drive to the top of Mt. Equinox may contain some potentially exciting hairpin turns, but the view at the top is worth the ride.

    by Andrew McKeever

    The Quirky Doctor Quinton Quark

    Ted Lawrence teaches “Slapstick Science” lessons to students at schools and venues throughout the Northeast and central Atlantic regions.

    by Anita Rafael

    Forever a Highway

    Vermont is crisscrossed by hundreds of “ancient” roads used now for hiking and snowmobiling. Some folks will go to great lengths to protect them from being lost forever.

    by Luke Stafford

    Return of the Eagle

    Viewing an eagle in Vermont is still an event. The great bird has suffered from loss of habitat in the past, but now the eagle is making a comeback. Here and everywhere.

    by Geoffrey Norman


    Come fall, we often think of oranges, yellows and browns. But it’s the unexpected REDS that make everything pop.

    by Hubert Schriebl

    Sole of Vermont

    When you meet Nancy Benoit, it’s hard not to stare at her feet

    by Ellen Ecker Ogden


    From the Editor

    Autumn Departures

    The geese have a long flight ahead of them so maybe they are calling to reassure each other and keep their spirits up. “Just another thousand miles, bro. We’ll make it. Piece of cake. Then it will be all clear ground with no snow and corn lying around everywhere.”

    The Buzz

    Southern Vermont Events Calendar

    Comprehensive calendar for the season and who, what, when and where


    Apples of Uncommon Character

    If you wanted to eat an apple when I was growing up, your choices were a thick-skinned McIntosh, a bland Red Delicious, or an equally bland although slightly juicier Golden Delicious.

    The Last Word

    Fishing for color

    There’s no App for October

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