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    Mosheim Clothing Store … Pottstown, PA 1882 »

    Well, isn’t the internet interesting. I recently received a message from someone on Facebook (who remembered me from before 1956) informing me that someone on a Pottstown, Pennsylvania Facebook page had mentioned or asked for information on the ‘Mosheim Clothing store on High Street’. The person who sent me the message remembered me from a […]

    Restoring a Schwanbeck Brothers Display Case »

    I always enjoy a nice restoration project where you make something nice out of something not so nice.  This is an excellent case in point. I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture, but you can see from the one below that there was some pretty serious mouse damage on some of the rails of the case.  Someone […]

    X-based Tables »

    We seem to have a theme going here … let’s call it the ‘x based table’ .  We finished the one above last week and delivered it to the house where we have been working on some other projects since early May. A little diamond of steel ‘washer’ by Sam It continues the barn board […]

    Torsion Box Shelves »

    So, this was an interesting project.  It‘s in the same house that we’ve been working on with the kitchen and the vanities.  There are designers from Florida involved and when they were last here, they spied a beam in the driveway that they liked.  It had been removed from the original house during the remodel […]

    A ‘Bridges’ Coffee Table »

    We shipped this one out to california last week … per the client’s request, it is a 24″ x 48″ coffee table version of our ‘bridges’ bench.  I almost like it better than the original, and since it was completed, I have also had a request to interpret the design as a dining table base.  […]

    Discover Dorset Vermont »

    This weekend is the ‘discover dorset’ weekend in beautiful downtown Dorset, Vermont, population 2026, zero traffic lights.  Kit and I will be at Janno’s Pottery (flower brook pottery, across from the post office), with Kit’s jewelry and my portfolios and maybe a small piece of furniture. The Dorset Artists show will be open next to the […]

    a barnboard vanity »

    we installed this barnboard vanity last week.  challenging project in that you have to go with the wood as it is.  if you joint and plane it flat, there goes the patina.  and what a patina it was.  some light hand sanding, and a little very diluted aniline dye on the ‘fresh’ surfaces made it […]

    3rd Annual Dorset Artists Show »

    The third annual Dorset Artists Show is up and running now through September 8th, Tuesdays through Sundays, from 11 to 6 …  the opening party is next saturday the 8th, from 4 to 6. come on by. Click the photos to enlarge them .. We’ve got one of our claro walnut slab tables with the […]

    A Woodworker Does Pottery »

    What you are going to see in this blog post is a smallish Dan Mosheim pottery show.  I have been fooling around with clay for about 10 years now, and have taken classes with Nick Seidner of Rising Meadow Pottery, Kate Geotz of Hartsboro Pottery in Wallingford, Vermont and Lauren Silver, the pottery teacher at […]

    Just a Simple Country Table »

     This one snuck into the shop to be fixed during Open Studio Weekend … I didn’t pay much attention to it until i turned it over  …  very cool. I love the little recurves where the aprons flare out to join the legs.  It’s got some nice caryatid type ormolu thingys holding up the top […]

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