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    3rd Annual Dorset Artists Show »

    The third annual Dorset Artists Show is up and running now through September 8th, Tuesdays through Sundays, from 11 to 6 …  the opening party is next saturday the 8th, from 4 to 6. come on by. Click the photos to enlarge them .. We’ve got one of our claro walnut slab tables with the […]

    A Woodworker Does Pottery »

    What you are going to see in this blog post is a smallish Dan Mosheim pottery show.  I have been fooling around with clay for about 10 years now, and have taken classes with Nick Seidner of Rising Meadow Pottery, Kate Geotz of Hartsboro Pottery in Wallingford, Vermont and Lauren Silver, the pottery teacher at […]

    Just a Simple Country Table »

     This one snuck into the shop to be fixed during Open Studio Weekend … I didn’t pay much attention to it until i turned it over  …  very cool. I love the little recurves where the aprons flare out to join the legs.  It’s got some nice caryatid type ormolu thingys holding up the top […]

    Ebay Find…Before and After »

    A little before and after here.  A client brought us the chair below.  It had a lovely mousey bouquet about it and some really funky red fabric, but the bones were good, and the hardware was complete and functional.  Our friend Isaiah at Bespoke Upholstery carefully disassembled it, saving the original fabric and frames for […]

    Claro Walnut Slab Headboard »

    Our faithful delivery man Ken, delivered and hung this claro walnut headboard in New York City last week.  The project has been ongoing for a month or two and it was nice to see it finally in place. I posted this photo of one of three new slabs I received back in March.  This client […]

    Open Studio 2013 »

    Here we go again  … Vermont Open Studio weekend.  Year 21.  I missed a few in the late 90′s when we were building and moving, but typically, we’re there, opening our doors and welcoming the public into our freshly cleaned workspaces.  It should be called spring cleaning weekend, at least here at Dorset Custom Furniture. […]

    Claro Walnut Sideboard »

    We’re working on a fun one.  We have accumulated a small pile of cutoffs from the 15 or twenty claro walnut tables we’ve made in the past couple of years and now we’ve got a use for them.  This client bought our table back in February and it is being used as a desk in […]

    Design is A Process »

    Well, after about 35 years of this kind of work, I have come to really appreciate the process of design, as much as the event of making stuff, which also is a process, and not a list of a linear progression of steps.  We do something, analyze it, do something different, analyze that, and step […]

    A Burst of Activity »

    Hmmmm …busy time here in the designing and pricing and proposing department.  Plus it’s spring, which always cuts into the free time I usually have available for blogging.  This post will be more or less a continuation of one from the end of last month, where again, I didn’t take the time to write in […]

    French Country Table »

    Well, this was kind of fun … build a table like we built back in 2005 only almost 12′ long instead of 7′ long … this one has a nice distressed, stained cherry finish with a thickish (1.375″ ) top with breadboard ends and pegged apron/leg joints.  Stretching out the aprons and redesigning/refining the leg/apron […]

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