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    a copper top coffee table »

    we’re doing another copper topped table. we made the first one back in may for one of our clients who had a big empty covered porch … same process … because of the way the corners are done, folded straight down, we put little copper corners routed into the subbase flush in place before we […]

    A Custom Pool Table »

    Okay, we’re getting close now. As I wrote back on July 28th, there’s a lot going on in the shop. For the last week or so though, Trevor, Will and I have been pulling the final pieces of the pool table together. Pool tables are always a challenge because, typically, we haven’t built one for […]

    The X-based Table »

    A few weeks ago, in a post about Sam’s work, I described a table he was building with an ‘x’ shaped steel base. I got to see it on site today and it looked great. It’s in a ‘contemporary farmhouse’ up the road and it looks right at home. Click the photos to enlarge them. […]

    A 60″ Wide Slab of Claro Walnut »

    Well, we got a big one here. It’s going to aspen when it’s finished. This is the widest slab of claro walnut we have ever had, clocking in at 63″ at the wide point. After we trim it up a bit, it will be about 60″ wide at both ends and about 8′ long and […]

    Dorset Artists 2012 »

    It’s that time again. The 2nd annual Dorset Artists Show.   This year, there are (again) the regular Dorset artists who are living and working here now, and, thanks to the Vermont Country Store, there is an excellent selection of deceased Vermont artists from their extensive collection.  Last year, the show was all Dorset artists, and […]

    7 28 2012…Action! »

    Well, what’s happening here this past week you ask? Where to even start? It’s a busy time and there is a lot going on. Click the photos to enlarge them. Our main project for the past two weeks has been the pool table above, in walnut and blistered maple, with some burl and mother of […]

    The Art & Industries Show »

    Okay, showtime again. I sort of gave up doing stuff like this about 10 years ago, but after I reluctantly did one at our local art center and was reinvigorated.   That was back in February, and we sold a dining table, 6 chairs, a mirror, 2 lounge chairs, two woodburnings, and later on, the […]

    An Espresso Finish Claro Walnut Table »

    Ok, here’s a big one … 40 ” wide, 12′ long, with our standard steel ‘shaker’ base. This time we did the steel in our new ‘rainbow’ finish. We purchased this new patina color from our friends at Sur-Fin Chemical Company. It’s a little fussier and more unpredictable than our regular blackening chemical, but the […]

    A Claro Walnut Slab Desk (with a secret compartment) »

    Well, here they come … first project in a group of six claro walnut slab pieces that will be finished in the next two weeks. We have this desk, a 12′ table, a 10′ table, a coffee table and a small bench, all with steel bases of one form or another . This desk is […]

    Banjo 010 »

    Will’s banjo #010 was picked up last week, and it was a beauty. It had a long neck like Pete Seeger’s, his first engraved pearl inlays, and a cool black finish … click the photos to enlarge them. I didn’t get many in process photos Close up of the engraved and dyed inlays Ebony veneered […]

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