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    Felting the Rails … and Then Rack ‘em Up ! »

    When last we left you reader, on the subject of pools tables, (almost a month ago), the pool table was set up in the shop and ready to go. Last Tuesday, on the urging of our client, Will and I took a long road trip to Virginia to set it up. It was definitely the […]

    Drawing and Thinking with Michael Graves »

    There was a great little essay by Michael Graves in the Sunday Times this week. In it, Mr. Graves visits one of my favorite themes, drawing as thinking, which I have written about myself here.  It is, in many folks’ thinking, an integral part of the creative and communicative process. It is, if I had […]

    Update On the 60″ Claro Slab »

    All in, all done. I had to take pictures of this one three different times before I finally got it right, but it was worth it. This is a really wide piece of walnut and it’s kind of unlikely I’ll get one like it again. Click the photos to enlarge them. You can see a […]

    Amaryllises »

    On my way to the cookie jar last night, I was struck by a stunning plant that kit had placed on the kitchen counter yesterday. I marveled at it during dinner though the full drama didn’t hit me until the house was darker and the lighting was more dramatic. It’s one of 3 or 4 […]

    A Dozen Big Ones »

    In case you are not familiar with it, the Guild of Vermont Furnituremakers has a blog going also. I hadn’t posted anything on the guild blog for a long time as I have been too busy with my own and it’s summer. I recently wrote the post below there to ‘sum up’ the run of […]

    Sheldon Slate – Granville, New York »

    While working on the designs for the custom kitchen we started this week, our client and I went to visit a local slate fabricator, Sheldon Slate in Middle Granville, New York. It’s about 15 miles up the Metawee Valley through the corn and over the border. Who knew? What a place !!! That’s a 90″ […]

    JB WeId It »

    Break out the JB Weld. As they say on the website, “Don’t scrap it, JB Weld it”, and we did. On Tuesday morning, an electrician for one of our clients brought this elaborate wall sconce to us with one of the arms separated from its little ball joint (arrow #1). It had a plastic coated […]

    a copper top coffee table »

    we’re doing another copper topped table. we made the first one back in may for one of our clients who had a big empty covered porch … same process … because of the way the corners are done, folded straight down, we put little copper corners routed into the subbase flush in place before we […]

    A Custom Pool Table »

    Okay, we’re getting close now. As I wrote back on July 28th, there’s a lot going on in the shop. For the last week or so though, Trevor, Will and I have been pulling the final pieces of the pool table together. Pool tables are always a challenge because, typically, we haven’t built one for […]

    The X-based Table »

    A few weeks ago, in a post about Sam’s work, I described a table he was building with an ‘x’ shaped steel base. I got to see it on site today and it looked great. It’s in a ‘contemporary farmhouse’ up the road and it looks right at home. Click the photos to enlarge them. […]

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