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    Road Rash—Mark Huntley Parsons »

    Not often do I mention a book that is a future publication.  However, Road Rash by Mark Huntley Parsons, is a book that needs pre-buzz.  Huntley’s debt novel is a must for teens and adults who are into music or just darn good stories! Drumroll please: Zach can write lyrics. He can play the drums. […]

    Baby it’s Cold…Windy…Snowy…And Raining Outside »

    It is cold. It is wet. It is muddy. It is windy. So what do I do? I curl up with a good book or ten. And you can to…you’ve made the trip to the store (or you have gone to Northshire.com) and you have books….What? You haven’t picked out a book yet?  Well how […]

    Barbara Stanwyck—One Tough Business, One Tough Lady »

    I honestly don’t know exactly why I was driven to pick up Victoria Wilson’s massive new biography of Barbara Stanwyck, impressively titled A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True. I was never a huge fan of the actress, although anyone who can command the kind of respect that she did from her peers and flourish for […]

    Fairy Bell Sisters: Meet the Family! »

    Meet Tinker Bell’s Little Sisters: Clara, Rosy, Golden, Sylva and Baby Squeak! In the Fairy Bell Sisters series by Margaret McNamara (illustrated by Julia Denos) each fairy sister has her own story but their adventures always combine the family. Teaching values and character with humor, adventure, love and little pixie dust, these are great books […]

    Hyde—The Other Side of the Story »

    I had some interesting discussions with co-workers as to the foundations of the disorder that afflicted Dr. Henry Jekyll. I mean, what exactly was the guy’s problem! Some of them thought Jekyll might be schizophrenic, but there were certain aspects of his behavior that argued against it. Of course we were all aware that Robert […]

    Start Your New Year Right »

    In need of a end of year pick me up? Or not sure what to start the new year with? Why not try one of these teen treats that will even have the adults talking about them and scouring shelves for sequesl and other titles by these authors.  Each is for ages 13 and up […]

    The Year of the Beasts »

    Digging through my old copies of books, I came across a graphic novel that has a twist. Half is in the graphic novel format (text and illustrations) but the other half is a straight out story. I was very interested since I do not usually like graphic novels, but enjoy the novels of Cecil Castellucci. […]

    Futilely evoking Jack »

    I recently read a piece on the editorial page of the New York Times about a website that completely disdains negative book reviews. The author of the article, who perhaps is not familiar with 50 Shades of Grey and its spawn, thought it was a really worthy idea. The world is brimming over with negativity. […]

    Say Hello to Rebel »

    Say Hello to Rebel in Good Bye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell. Rebecca Blue (Rebel to her friends….if she had them) dances to her own drummer. She doesn’t need anyone.  But when she meets Kennedy Green (too good to be true…or so she seems) Rebel is tossed into an adventure she never expected….one that leads […]

    Growing up early »

    “You should know by now, son, that the world began when I was born.” — Henry Stands in The Road to Reckoning James Scott’s new novel, The Kept, and Robert Lauter’s The Road to Reckoning have a lot of things in common besides their considerable capacity for providing enjoyment to the reader. Both books have […]

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