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    Put the Gardens, but not the Books, to Bed »

    As summer winds down and gardens are put to bed for the fall and winter…lets have one last hurrah for gardens.  Kristen Kladstrup has a great homage to gardens, magic and spunkiness with her latest novel Garden Princess. Princess Adela is not like other princesses. She is most happy digging in the dirt and planting […]

    Remembering Julie Harris »

    Along with Katharine Cornell, Rosemary Harris, Helen Hayes, Jessica Tandy and Laurette Taylor, Julie Harris was one of a handful of actresses who became as much a part of the American theater as greasepaint and follow spots. Harris died on August 24 at her home in West Chatham, Mass. She was 87.   During her […]

    At My Wits End – Stephanie Tolan »

    E.D Applewhites chaotic life is about to become very crazy in Applewhites at Wits End by Stephanie Tolan. Her father decides their money troubles can be solved by turning their 16 acre home into a summer camp for artistic children. But when the adults are bigger kids then the campers, only 6 people sign up […]

    The Man Who Isn’t There – Night Film »

    We live in an age when vacuum-headed nonentities become celebrated simply by allowing their personal lives to be exploited on television and smeared over the front pages of every trashy tabloid in the country. Greta (“I want to be alone.”) Garbo would be more bewildering than fascinating to the public today. Why, for God’s sake, […]

    Chronicles of Kazam! A Magical Read »

    Jenny and the gang are back with more adventures in Jasper Fforde The Song of the Quarkbeast The Chronicles of Kazam Book Two. The dragon “problem” is over, but now there are new ones for the Wizards of Kazam Mystical Arts Management to deal with. Magic sparking; a Kings useless brother; a King who makes […]

    Illusion of Separateness – Simon Van Booy »

    A few months ago the bookstore received and Advance Readers Copy of Simon Van Booy’s newest book, The Illusion of Separateness.  Fights broke out among several booksellers and, by some miracle, I was the second bookseller to get ahold of it (I swear I never threw a single punch). I read it in one sitting, […]

    The Disaster Artist – Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell »

    There is a big difference between a bad movie and a boring one. I would rather sit through Plan 9 from Outer Space three times than have to endure Out of Africa once more. Until recently, Plan 9, directed by Ed Wood, the acknowledged DeMille of cinematic debris, has often been cited as the worst […]

    The Year of Shadows – Claire Legrand »

    Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved spooky stories. And then she grew up to be an (almost) adult who loved spooky stories. Yup, that little girl is me! And the newest spooky story I’ve just finished sent chills down my spine…and not just because of the ghosts! The newest novel […]

    When you ask your coworkers what they are reading! »

    The other day I was talking to a coworker and she informed me that she had thoroughly enjoyed the novel, Twerp by Mark Goldblatt. Julian is given the opportunity to lighten his punishment after he is involved in an act of bullying. His teacher allows him to keep a journal in hopes that Julian can figure […]

    Where do you hide when you are Invisible? »

    Transparent. Fiona is the first invisible girl. Which makes her the perfect pawn in her crime-boss fathers world. But all she wants is to be a normal 16-year-old. Not the thief, and now murderer, her father wants her to be. Running away with her mother should be easy. Except when you are one-of-kind, everyone knows who […]

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