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    May the Fourth Be With You »

    After reading this blogs title you might be asking yourself, “Did I read that right?”  Yes, you did. This Saturday, May 4, has been designated Star Wars Day. So on this day all of us fan boys (and girls) can let our Millennium Falcon Flag Fly proudly! And we can do that with some of these […]

    A Burst of Activity »

    Hmmmm …busy time here in the designing and pricing and proposing department.  Plus it’s spring, which always cuts into the free time I usually have available for blogging.  This post will be more or less a continuation of one from the end of last month, where again, I didn’t take the time to write in […]

    Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss »

    How do I even begin?  This book is huge. Not physically huge, just a huge deal for your life. You need to read it. I could end with that, but you’ll probably want me to explain why.  Fine… Salt, Sugar, Fat is mind-blowing. Coming from me, that’s saying something. I read a lot of books […]

    Exploring Dystopian Stories »

    One day at lunch I needed a book to read and picked up Shards and Ashes. It is a short story collection of dystopian stories. The first story was so amazing I pushed my break until the last possible second before I went back to work! Shards and Ashes is by Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong […]

    French Country Table »

    Well, this was kind of fun … build a table like we built back in 2005 only almost 12′ long instead of 7′ long … this one has a nice distressed, stained cherry finish with a thickish (1.375″ ) top with breadboard ends and pegged apron/leg joints.  Stretching out the aprons and redesigning/refining the leg/apron […]

    Gustav Gloom and the People Taker By Adam-Troy Castro »

    This book is a wonderful and frightful adventure like nothing I’ve ever read before.  I first noticed itwhile organizing the middle reader series books in the children’s department. There it was, all alone in the series section, with its promising blue-grey cover of Gustav and his shadow. I hadn’t heard anything about it at all, […]

    Redshirts: Self-Deprecating Science Fiction’s Finest Hour »

    Despite my role as a children’s bookseller–and my fondness for all things, for the most part, enjoyed by kids–I do not tend to enjoy funny adult books. My area of “expertise” on the floor is middle reader and young adult literature for a reason–ask for a great title with historical themes, violence, suffering, big philosophical […]

    Delights Ring Out on the Page »

    As you know from my blogs, I usually deal with children and young adult books. Reading in these genres has always been a passion of mine.  But today I need you to be in a comfortable spot, preferably sitting, since I will introduce you to something a little different: two adult poets. Yes. Adult. Both […]

    Curved Ash Benches »

    We’ve been working on these boookmatched ash benches since, oh, 2010 sometime.  Well, actually, we’ve been wondering what to do with these planks for that long … benches was always a possibility, but so too was a wall mounted or outdoor sculpture … it’s settled … benches they are now … and pretty cool ones […]

    Debbie Reynolds—Impervious On A Fault Line »

    “I’m going to faint, Mr. Hathaway.” — Debbie Reynolds, a number of times during the making of How the West Was Won Debbie Reynolds could hardly have come up with a better title for her memoir than Unsinkable. The word is, of course, a reference to her most celebrated role as Molly Brown, the feisty, […]

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