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    Delights Ring Out on the Page »

    As you know from my blogs, I usually deal with children and young adult books. Reading in these genres has always been a passion of mine.  But today I need you to be in a comfortable spot, preferably sitting, since I will introduce you to something a little different: two adult poets. Yes. Adult. Both […]

    Curved Ash Benches »

    We’ve been working on these boookmatched ash benches since, oh, 2010 sometime.  Well, actually, we’ve been wondering what to do with these planks for that long … benches was always a possibility, but so too was a wall mounted or outdoor sculpture … it’s settled … benches they are now … and pretty cool ones […]

    Debbie Reynolds—Impervious On A Fault Line »

    “I’m going to faint, Mr. Hathaway.” — Debbie Reynolds, a number of times during the making of How the West Was Won Debbie Reynolds could hardly have come up with a better title for her memoir than Unsinkable. The word is, of course, a reference to her most celebrated role as Molly Brown, the feisty, […]

    Follow Follow: A Book of Reverso Poems »

    As you know, April is poetry month. I have always enjoyed reading different types of poetry and even trying my hand at writing poetry. My reading lists have seen traditional, not so traditional, rhyming, not so rhyming, prose poetry, classical poems and modern poetry. But when I picked up Follow Follow: A Book of Reverso […]

    REDSHIRTS [John Scalzi]: self-depricating science fiction’s finest hour »

    Despite my role as a children’s bookseller–and my fondness for all things, for the most part, enjoyed by kids–I do not tend to enjoy funny adult books. My area of “expertise” on the floor is middle reader and young adult literature for a reason–ask for a great title with historical themes, violence, suffering, big philosophical […]

    The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente »

    September is a very bored little girl.  Her father has shipped off to war and her mother is raising her alone.  Her mother works all day repairing engines in a factory.  They live in Nebraska, where there is nothing for a little girl like September to do. She wishes endlessly to be taken off to […]

    April Showers and Poetry, Too! »

    Next week brings us April and April showers might bring May flowers, but it also brings Poetry Month! Start it off right with one of these wonderful collections of nature poetry: I’m going to tell you to Bug Off! Or actually pick up Bug Off!: Creepy, Crawly Poems by Jane Yolen. Thirteen poems will have […]

    Very Green Home Solutions – Repurposing Your Furnishings »

    Purse and keys in hand, my sister, Gina, asked if I was ready to go shopping now.  It was early morning in her house in Maryland and as I looked around at the disorder of the family room, I said, “Not so fast, we have work to do here first.” I was spending the weekend […]

    Cherry Dining Tables »

    We wrapped up a couple of cherry dining tables this week, and they couldn’t be more different, probably, if they tried.  The table to the left, a slab of 8/4 cherry with small bevels and rounded corners, has a welded metal ‘x’ shaped base, no ornament, straightforward and uncomplicated.  Forthright, I guess you could say. […]

    Spring is Here….soon! »

    I am a Vermont girl and know winter is part of the package. But I also enjoy spring: warmer weather, chickadees doing Phoebe impersonations, plants peeking out of mud, flowers stretch, ready to put on their finery and spring books. Below you can find four books you and your little one can enjoy: Spring is […]

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