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    Transitional Side Chairs »

    We’ve been making these ‘transitonal’, Biedermeier inspired, side and arm chairs now for about 15 years,  even after making literally, hundreds of them, they are still a challenge, start to finish.  Curves, compound angles, compound angled leg tops, angled mortises and tenons, you name it.  They are, I must admit though, extremely comfortable, and work […]

    Maybe Tomorrow »

    Thomas Jefferson was the most overrated person in American history. — Pauline Maier Who was Thomas Jefferson? That is the question that keeps recurring throughout Henry Weincek’s recent book, Master of the Mountain, which is tellingly subtitled Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves. Jefferson died in 1826 and, throughout most of the nearly two centuries that […]

    The Other Reader »

    As a bookseller who specialized in middle and young adult readers, I would occasionally get the request for “the other reader.” Or the 10-14 year-old boy/girl who enjoys reading, but has trouble reading. They need high concept, but lower reading level. Trying to find a book that “looks the part” can be tricky. There are a number of […]

    Custom Sideboards and Buffets »

    We have made quite a few different sideboard and buffets in the last 25 years and since we are working with some clients on new sideboard designs, I felt compelled to organize some photos of them here.  The curly maple one to the left is one of my favorites.  Actually, I like the challenge of […]

    Notes From Our Breezy Point home. »

    “That sofa brings back such memories”, my neighbor said to me as she passed the sidewalk, her arms encircling and steadying her Mom. Our friendly smiles to one another turned grim as we realized we were talking about my parents’ upended, soaking wet rattan sofa at the top of the makeshift garbage heap outside of our […]

    Need a Gift? Try One of These Gems! »

    People ask, “What to get X for (gift giving occasion)?”  Something rarely given? Calendars. Fun and practical.  Plus almost anything imaginable is at the Northshire Bookstore! We have traditional Vermont and New England but also art, travel, animals, sports, spiritual and quirky! Start 2013 off with more than just a little attitude with Emily the Strange wall calendar. Known for […]

    Post and Beam Pool Table »

    Will is coming along now on the next pool table, our third this year.  So far, except for a little input from me on sorting and selecting the wood, he’s pretty much done the whole thing himself.  This afternoon, after finishing the blinds, he started taking it apart to begin the finishing process.  Click the […]

    Consider the Fork By Bee Wilson »

    I love cookbooks, but I don’t think about the ingredients as something that just magically appear in my kitchen. It’s no secret that I love reading about food, but before reading Consider The Fork, I never really put much thought into my kitchen tools.  I go to great lengths to know where my food comes […]

    Manchester Chamber of Commerce Railings »

    Sam finished the new Manchester, Vermont Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center railings yesterday by adding the ‘handicap access’ railings.  They needed to be simple and uncluttered, yet strong and light.  He used 1.25″ square tubing with center supports and side braces to the wood posts.  There are little plant hangers on the side supports to […]

    Fantastically Real »

    I like fairy tales. I like retellings of fairy tales. By taking the familiar and fantastical, then making it a bit more realistic, the stories take new paths.  They become relatable in the modern world. Plus they are delightful reads. Two books that are good for the  8 to 10 aged reader are Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John […]

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