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    Custom Walnut Sideboard

    Well, we’re coming down the home stretch on this one … it’s walnut, and Sam is nearly finished welding and polishing the steel base …click the photos to enlarge them .. We started with the client’s very detailed drawing with measurements that she kindly sent to start the dialog … most folks are not this […]

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    Make Your New Year’s Resolution Early!

    Most New Year’s we make resolutions. This year take a novel approach by making it early and easy to keep?  Come to the Northshire Bookstore and buy books! Or easier still, buy them here on our web site! You can even keep it throughout the year because you will have a number of fantastic titles to look forward to! Start […]

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    Double Pedestal Oval Table

    This project started with an inquiry from a client who had taken a image from my blog or website and PhotoShopped it himself to make it into something that better fitted the dimensions of his dining room.  Basically, he stretched out the table below and added another pedestal.  Brilliant, in my opinion. Even though it […]

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    Joy to the Reading Treats

    Joy to the world, the books have come! Christmas will be merry and bright as I snuggle under blankets and read one of these great books: A sure fire title that will become a classic is The Birds of Bethlehem by Tomie dePaola.  This telling of how the “spectacular event” occurs (through the eyes of multi-colored birds) is a […]

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    A Bleak Wind Off the Prairie

    There are moments in Thomas Maltman’s novel, Little Wolves, when you can feel a chill passing through you. It isn’t solely the author’s literary evocation of the brutal winter climate in Minnesota, where the temperature gets so low that trees crack like rifle fire and the wind joins its voice with the howling of coyotes, […]

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    Trout Fishing in America

    Well,  what can I say … I was trying to rehab my insulted rotor cuff at the pool table in my cellar the other night, but it was too much for me.  I sat down and started pulling things out of a bookcase at the end of the table.  Hadn’t checked it out in years. […]

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