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    A Dorset Hollow Ski Area That Never Came to Be

    It’s difficult to imagine Dorset Hollow as anything other than a six-mile, scenic road with beautiful mountain views, forestland, open fields, and gorgeous homes. But nearly 50 years ago, the Dorset Associates investment group planned a massive, four-season resort in Dorset Hollow, complete with an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, 100 chalet sites, and a […]

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    A Return to the Slopes of Vermont

    Bromley Mountain is where I first learned to ski in the 1970s. Shortly before my fourth birthday in December 1974, I wrote a letter to Santa Claus that was published in the local newspaper. In the letter, I asked Santa for a tea set, a cuckoo clock, and a pair of skis. The tea set […]

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    The Last Great Race

    Gwenn Bogart has always had a love of animals, and her professional careers have long reflected that connection; from horsemanship to founding an international breast cancer support group called “Casting for Recovery,” that uses fly fishing for both mental and physical recovery.

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    Fun Reads

    I have been looking for fun reads and I can find them in the oddest places. But usually I find them by just by going to the shelves of the store and picking up one. And recently I have found three: Bats in the Band by Brian Lies; Penguin and Pumpkin by Salina Yoon and […]

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    People who mean well

    I liked Nora Webster because of her contrariness. I liked her for the bad moods that she embraces without hesitation. I understood her impulse to stand behind a curtain and hope that the next person coming up the walk, pedaling sympathy like it was a magazine subscription, would think no one was home and just […]

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    David Smith at The Clark

    Sam and I checked out the new David Smith exhibit at the New Clark Art Museum last week. Check out that first link for many images from the rtemodeled museum .. the clark has been closed for about 2 years and just reopened on  July 4th. Sam and I went to the Guggenheim Exhibit back in 2006, which […]

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