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    Call me Duke—John Wayne – The Life and Legend »

    I remember reading an article about Marilyn Monroe a while ago. After returning from a walk around the block of her Manhattan apartment with a friend, she noticed a group of photographers gathered around the entrance to the building. Monroe turned to her companion and said, “Want to see me be her?” In some ways, […]

    Live Edge Claro Walnut Table »

    Well, here we have a classic ‘before and after’ … above is the ‘before’, obviously, and below, we have the ‘afters’. It’s a nice slab with wonderful color and figure.  Click the photos to enlarge them And a hefty 2.75″ thickness now that it is smoothed and ready to ship.  Here, Trevor is checking out […]

    The Master of Congruity – Dying Every Day, Seneca at the Court of Nero »

    “There is much we should approve in him, much that we should even admire. Only take care in making your choice.” — Quintillian, reflecting upon Seneca’s legacy, circa 90 AD The downside of power in Rome during the first century is examined in vivid detail in James Romm’s Dying Every Day. Before reading it, the […]

    Fourth of July Creek—A World Closing In »

    There is an urgency about Fourth of July Creek that makes it very difficult to set aside. That is a very impressive accomplishment for a first novel. Smith Henderson’s new book is also rich in atmosphere, having a majestic and largely unspoiled area of the country to draw from, and it is filled with characters […]

    Blood Trails—Jack the Ripper, Forgotten Victims »

    In the 126 years that have passed since that dark autumn in London, one question has remained paramount. Who was the person called Jack the Ripper? But, there is another question that is just as vital to the complete story: How many victims did the killer ultimately claim? Did the terror really begin on the […]

    Walnut Table with Leaves »

     This table started with an inquiry from a client about a ‘mid-century modern’ style table. She sent us the photo above from an antique dealer’s website and asked us to size it to suit the needs of her and her family and stain it a rich chocolaty brown.   Which led to the cad drawing above […]

    The Devil’s Workshop—Crime and Punishment »

    Anyone searching for a more sympathetic take on Jack the Ripper probably should avoid Alex Grecian’s new book, The Devil’s Workshop. You don’t acquire any warm and fuzzy notions about a good side, even if he does one or two surprisingly human things. Anyone searching for a novel chocked full of blood-letting and guilty pleasures […]

    Polar Bear Day and Stickers »

    February 27, 2014 was Polar Bear Day. And if you want to celebrate in a fun way grab Ice Bear by Brenda Z. Guiberson and illustrated by Ilya Spirin. Once upon a time two polar bear cubs go outside with their mother. Guiberson and Spirin tell the story of how these three use claws, walk […]

    “Baby it’s cold outside!” »

    As the song goes, “Baby it’s cold outside!” But inside the Northshire Bookstore we have lots of books you can buy and take home to your warm, cozy abode! For the aged “toddler to about age 8″ (and of course, adults will enjoy too) some “picture books.”  While these books include many illustrations, they have […]

    Why We Make Things, and Why It Matters »

    Hmmmm … I think Peter Korn has been looking over my shoulder for the last 40 years … and, he has the way with words to get what he has been seeing down on paper so I can understand some of the things that flit through my brain just below my level of consciousness … […]

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