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    Polar Bear Day and Stickers

    February 27, 2014 was Polar Bear Day. And if you want to celebrate in a fun way grab Ice Bear by Brenda Z. Guiberson and illustrated by Ilya Spirin. Once upon a time two polar bear cubs go outside with their mother. Guiberson and Spirin tell the story of how these three use claws, walk […]

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    “Baby it’s cold outside!”

    As the song goes, “Baby it’s cold outside!” But inside the Northshire Bookstore we have lots of books you can buy and take home to your warm, cozy abode! For the aged “toddler to about age 8″ (and of course, adults will enjoy too) some “picture books.”  While these books include many illustrations, they have […]

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    The Trouble With Magic is…

    Ruth Chew was an author of my youthful reading and has found her way into my adult reading too. A few of her titles are now being reprinted with fresh covers but the text never grew old! The Trouble with Magic is one that has a classic feel for the modern age. Barbara and Rick […]

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    Basque Style Chestnut Table

    Well, this one started back in August.  The clients sent me photos of ‘an early 18th century “Basque style” farmhouse table and a link to Hastings Antiques where there were pictures and descriptions, and the ‘sold’ price, $ 18,000.  Not worrying to much about design copyrights, we set out and made the chestnut model above, […]

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    It’s A Mad, Mad World – A Resounding Crash

    A car careens along a treacherous road, horn frantically honking, passing other vehicles, tires screeching on curves until it comes to that inevitable curve that it just can’t make. The black Ford goes shooting off the road, smashing through the guardrail and becomes airborne for a few moments. It crashes down on the rocky terrain […]

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    Road Rash—Mark Huntley Parsons

    Not often do I mention a book that is a future publication.  However, Road Rash by Mark Huntley Parsons, is a book that needs pre-buzz.  Huntley’s debt novel is a must for teens and adults who are into music or just darn good stories! Drumroll please: Zach can write lyrics. He can play the drums. […]

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