• By Kristin McDonald

    “We the People: A Song for Children of all Ages” will bring tears and goose bumps–even inspiration–to the most apathetic Americans. To see for yourself, visit wethepeoplethesong.com

    A Song for Our Time


    So she turned to her home area in Vermont, where she had visited as a child and learned to ski at Stratton and Bromley, and where she has lived for the past 26 years. She found the perfect ensemble right around the corner, in a group of four third-graders from Maple Street School in Manchester, along with one sixth-grade student from Cambridge Central School. She discovered a high-quality studio in Wilmington, Northern Tracks Recording Studio, where she could realize her dream. Just over the river in New Hampshire, she found Eric Ewers, video editor, and Bryant Naro, cinematographer, who both work with and were recommended by Ken Burns’ documentary film company. Nonetheless, she feels it is “truly a Vermont-made project.”

    People and Places

    (L to R): Katie Kelly, Maddie Greene, Audrey Anglum, Carrigan Boynton, Sandy Wilbur, Malachi Best

    Making the video went much more smoothly than Wilbur had anticipated. “Everyone gave 300 percent,” she says. “Bryant so competently captured the essence of the kids in the studio, and Erik used his incredible talent to come up with wonderful old photos and visual concepts that made the video come to life and tell the story.” At Maple Street School (MSS), the four third-graders had the benefit of being taught by both a general music and vocal teacher, Erin Reilly, who was a professional singer herself and imparted her vast knowledge of singing to the kids. The four singers “had talent and good pitch,” which was a definite boon. “They were also best friends and that support gave them confidence and a wonderful bonding experience in the studio,” Wilbur says. The MSS singers are Katie Kelly, soloist, and Audrey Anglum, Carrigan Boynton and Maddie Greene. The rapper, Malachi Best, is from Cambridge Central School, and is taught by Sundquist.

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