• By Kristin McDonald

    Photography by Ali Kaukas

    Spring 2012

    Family and friends played meaningful roles in the event. Chris’ older brother, John, performed the ceremony. “That meant a lot to us,” Blair says. “He knows what we value.” Bridesmaids were long-time friends, and groomsmen were physician friends of Chris, plus Blair’s brother, Josh.

    A Meeting of Medical Minds–and Hearts

    A wedding with down-home country elegance, Vermont-style

    Blair Wylie comes from a family with two strong traditions: nursing and skiing. Her grandmother was a Registered Nurse (RN); her mother, Stephanie Wylie, has been a RN at the Carlos Otis Clinic at Stratton Mountain since 1976. So it was no surprise that after high school, Blair would continue the tradition and pursue nursing. Since she grew up in South Londonderry, she learned to ski at an early age and developed a passion for the sport.

    Wedding sofaBoth of these traditions led to her meeting a handsome young doctor who would become her husband.

    After graduating from the University of Vermont Nursing School, Blair moved to Utah, taking a nursing position at the University of Utah’s hospital. “I wanted to work at a large teaching hospital,” she says, “and I wanted to ski.” That’s where she met Urology resident Dr. Chris Wicher, first, in the medical/ surgical unit and later in the surgical ICU, both places where his patients were taken after surgery. At first they became friends, and in time, the relationship deepened. In 2010, the couple moved to Missoula, MT, because Chris had finished his residency and decided to join a private practice group there. “Being in Montana left us still close to Utah and Idaho, where Chris’ family lives, but brought us to a new town, with new opportunities and friendships,” says Blair. In the fall they became engaged. Soon after, her mother and father came out to visit, and the wedding plans began.

    “I think most girls have their dream wedding in mind,” says Blair, “maybe outside on a beach or some other special place. My special place is Vermont. I love the people, the mentality and especially the seasons–they are my favorite part. I love fall in Vermont, with everything so crisp and cool. We certainly got that!” On their wedding day last October it was partly rainy and 45 degrees.

    Chris didn’t mind the choice of a Vermont wedding. Since he has friends and family on the west coast, the couple realized that either way, some people would have to travel. But they agreed that Vermont would be a good choice, and easier for the Wylies, since they had a goal to support local businesses in general, and they would know the local vendors. “Chris was excited to come to Vermont,” says Blair.

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