• By Luke Stafford

    Photography by Hubert Schriebl

    Summer 2012

    If you’re picturing (like I was, at first) a couple of yoga instructors in a rolling field, surrounded by a few hundred festival goers while a handful of musicians strum acoustic guitars, you’re WAY off.


    “Yoga turned my life around, for sure,” MC Yogi told me. Yogi spent his adolescence and teenage years tangling with the law as a graffiti artist in the Bay Area. When he landed at a reform school for at-risk youth, he knew a change was in order. “A lot of my friends were ending up in jail or joining the military. I thought, ‘I’ve gotta do something here.’” His father turned him on to the power of meditation and yoga. He was immediately hooked, having finally discovered a healthy way to channel his buzzing, creative mind. He studied yoga under an instructor who once advised the Grateful Dead and eventually met and fell in love with another yoga instructor-intraining. They married and nowadays, when Yogi is not touring or recording, the husband-and-wife team run a yoga studio called Yoga Toe just outside of San Francisco.

    After class, I caught up with the teacher’s pet with the purple mat. Her name is Rachel, I learned, and she is the mother of five children. Her youngest, a baby girl, was born just six weeks earlier. “Yoga is a way to find peace in my day,” she explained. As a new dad with a toddler at home, I could easily understand that sentiment. “I love feeling flexible. It settles my mind and… I think it helps me to be a better mom.”

    I asked Rachel if she’d be attending Wanderlust in June. “Oh definitely. I’ll come up with my girlfriends,” she smiled. “And your kids, too?” I asked. She continued smiling, saying nothing. And everything. ◊

    Luke Stafford is a free lance writer and recent yoga convert.

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